Saturday, November 5, 2011

Officially Fall

Seems like a lot has happened in just a month! Annabelle turned one on October first, her golden birthday. We finally installed our wood stove, the weather turned from late summer into fall and then into winter, I moved the kids into a new bedroom, Owen started swimming lessons, Annabelle is officially walking, Halloween, two deer... Busy! Our October in pictures:

The newest and warmest addition to our family.
We are in love. Next time you come for a visit,
you won't have to wear your jacket the whole time!

Owen started swimming lessons today for the first time.
He was so excited that he kept jumping in the pool before
his teacher was ready for him and then she'd have to scramble to
try and keep him from drowning. "My! He's very eager," she said.

Annabelle's first official walk in the sled. I think she
liked it until she fell out and did a face plant in the snow...

Annabelle LOVES to share big brother's popsicles

Riding the pony in his new room
(notice my fabulous painting job in the background)

Big one year old!

Love birds. My brother and his fiance, Kristen

Big Brother and Yia Yia helping the birthday girl navigate birthday candles.

bumpity bump bump...
Frosty's back again!

Luke trying to hook into some fall coho on his fly rod

Showing off the fall colors

Luke with not one, but two deer shot on a
beautiful, crisp, unexpected day off in the middle of the week.
Thank you God!

Annabelle trying to overcome birthday muffin drama.
It's her party and she'll cry (or try to touch
the candle flame) if she wants to!

And finally, monkey vs. cheetah.
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Turns out that things don't always slow down once fall hits. We got off the airplane and hit the ground running. Owen started a M-W-F pre-school in September and Annabelle decided it was time to give walking a try. Luke built a wood shed and is working on installing a wood stove. I decided to move the kids into the bigger extra room, so after some painting (pictures to follow on a future post) and lots of rearranging, Owen and Annabelle are set-up in a new room! We had some lovely weather in September, so that was an unexpected blessing. Hope you enjoy, once again, a picture marathon!

Wood! Excited for our crackling fire this winter!

Our 2011 coho haul

Taking a little walk

Mouth full of grapes - Owen and Gabie

my little mountain goat

Annabelle loving the fact that she's free to eat sand to her little heart's delight

happy dog on a lovely day at the glacier

last back porch lunch of the year

serious cycler- helmet, bell, tricycle and all

classic Annabelle-
clutching cuddie with her index finger in the mouth

One year ago ...

One year later ...
same shirt, same couch, same baby!

Busy Bee - runner-up for this year's halloween costume, I think

Busy Beaver- swam right up close on a walk at the campgrounds

Alaskan kids enjoying their Alaskan beach

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

And to complete the summer's recap, here are a few short videos of (mostly) Owen's activities. Enjoy!

Underwater Swimming

Owen and T-Rex
(tilt your head to the right and forgive me
for the poor forsight while filming!

Morning time at the Woodruffs

Humpy Heaven

Sunday, September 11, 2011

...and August!

In August, Owen, Annabelle and I took a 3-week trip to introduce Annabelle to my sister and her family. While there, we went to a lake in Northern Minnesota to celebrate Emma and Megan's 13th birthday and drove to Bismarck, ND to visit my Grandma. On the way home, we stopped in Washington for a quick visit and took Owen to the Woodland Park Zoo where they were having a dinosaur exhibit. Then, home again, home again jiggity jig!

Owen and his new buddy, Graham Burkholder riding the tractor at the zoo

little Owen boy

Owen finally meets his love

posing on the pictosaurous

Owen and I with Megan and Parker

my new favorite picture

me and my girl

beware leaches!

Kolden Girls

Annie and Great Grammie

...turns out he also loves frogs!

super Megan!

Parker showing his fancy moves

boat ride and birthday girls

Birthday crocheting lessons

Cousins enjoying a breakfast of Great Grandma's rice krispy treats
It's cereal, right?

Bailey, Erin and Emma

Birthday pipe cleaner tiaras


sweet blue-eyed girl

So happy with her Uncle Chris

Exploring the park with Auntie Erin